Blogs GR10 2005

Blog Page 7 - messages sent back from internet cafes on the trail

"Planned rest day 5. Wow! We've passed the half-way stage - only 3 more Everests to climb! There were times when we wondered whether we'd get this far - on the 1500 metre descent into Fos partly on a steep mile-long slippery ancient paved way: or again on the nearly 3 mile long rough and at times vertiginous 1 in 3 climb out of Fos : or even when Sue nearly trod on a viper... and we have not yet met with any of the reintroduced bears in the wild!! We really look forward to our weekly internet cafe visits. Your messages and donations provide a major incentive. Many thanks - sorry, but we just can't respond to them all individually. In the next 2 weeks we head in to the most remote section of the walk through the Ariege. It may be some time before we can post another message, but hopefully some more photos will arrive soon. As for the Tour de France - totally unmissable and a demonstration of REAL fitness."
18th July