Photos GR10 2005 Setting Off
Photos - Setting Off ( posted June 20th )

After months of planning we're ready to go and sport our Hospiscare and CHSW T-shirts. We aim to drive our camper van to the start of the walk and get it to the end somehow or other by use of public transport and lifts on our planned 'days off'. Before leaving our family arranges a good luck send-off and our 2 grandchildren, George and Isobel, present us with customised T-shirts with a photo of us on a mountain top and the slogan 'GR10 Coast to Coast 2005'.

To see 4 photos of our departure click here. On the Picasa screen click on 'Slideshow' (above the first photo) and the photos will run through. If you use the Full Screen option you will need to move the cursor to the top of the screen to be able to exit this tab.