Photos GR10 Days 01 - 05

Photos - Days 1 - 5 Hendaye - St Jean Pied de Port ( posted June 27th )

These photos take us from the start on the beach at Hendaye, through the Pyrennean foothills of the Basque country, past the 900+ metre summit of La Rhune and on to St Jean Pied de Port where the Compostella pilgrimage route crosses our trail. The first 3 days are extremely hot and humid and we're keen to spend as much time as possible high up - on one occasion a dip in a deep pool under a bridge saves us from overheating. Day 4 is a disappointing foggy contrast - there's a photo taken by a French walker the following day to show what we missed - and Day 5 has moments with cattle lurking in the fog as well. We are joined for the first 3 weeks of the walk by good friends from Tiverton, Yvonne and Colin.

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